Like the image of Great Eagle Gwaihir circling slowly above Isengard, the epic blackened doom of Coldfells commands attention and awe from all that are earthbound. Elongated doom riff dirges, serrated with harmonious black metal tenets, sonically mourn the passing of mythical kingdoms once great. Chanted, sorrow-laden clean vocals coalesced with more hellish throatings together retell lost stories of old. These sounds, equally inspired by Appalachian winters and the tales of Tolkein’s ill-fated Numenoreans, form the often slow-marched/always unrelentingly-charged phalanx of Coldfell’s debut album ‘Nimloth the Fair’! Featuring the songwriting skills and guitarwork of conceptualist ATATA, the multi-faceted vocal talents of Aaron Carey (Nechochwen, Infirmary, End), with bass, choirs and drums courtesy über-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, Obsequiae, Unwilling Flesh), Bindrune and Eihwaz Recordings (together as one) will proudly present Coldfells first full-length collection of aural epistles, titled ‘Nimloth the Fair’, for the disseminating extreme metal fan, this Summer, 2015. For now, stream/buy Coldfells’ demo ‘Black Breath’ below!



Eihwaz Recordings (in union with Bindrune) proudly announces the signing of Kentucky’s
AD INFINITUM ! With ascendant, astral black metal arias that stitch together matters of mind and universe, the music of Ad Infinitum evokes both celestial and terrestrial sounds of chaos and infinity. Whether it’s a dark ambient piece here or a saturated black voicing, an ever-present, carefully composed atmosphere drapes the soundscape of sole member JGS’s work. Allow Ad Infinitum’s droning, yet deeply layered songwriting style to take root in your mind with its deftly balanced dissonance and melodicism. Eihwaz/Bindrune will release Ad Infinitum’s second album (currently in the writing stages) late 2015, but in the meantime, you can stream/buy the debut Woven Within below, or purchase the cassette version released by Fragile Branch right here!:


Eihwaz Recordings proudly announces the signing of Columbus, Ohio’s Marsh Dweller! With twisting/turning melodies, foliage-enshrouded shrieks and precise percussion, John Kerr (drummer for doomsters Seidr and black metalmen Vit) grinds an intricately-layered axe with an intent that is both inward, cosmic and, most importantly, for all extreme metal fans of taste! Taking compositional cues from Vinterland, Windir, Fall of the Leafe and imbuing them with the dark auras of Dissection and Rotting Christ, Marsh Dweller’s music impacts emotionally and epically upon the ears of the listener. Eihwaz Recordings will release the Marsh Dweller debut this Fall 2015, but for an idea of what’s to come, be sure to stream/buy the 2014 demo here:

Eihwaz will post more news related to this announcement as it comes available; read the bio here.


Nachtreich/Spectral Lore ‘The Quivering Lights’ 12” LPs are here, so order your copy today!

Originally slated for release next month, the pressing plant was able to get this exquisite combination of classical and black metal prepared for you just in time for the holidays. An astounding collaboration by two extremely talented artists, ‘The Quivering Lights’ provides a perfect soundtrack to the closing days of 2014, so get your cold hands on this limited first pressing right now!

PLEASE NOTE regarding pre-orders: if you ordered the new Falls of Rauros LP as well as the Nachtreich/Spectral Lore split, your combined pre-orders will ship together next week when ‘Believe In No Coming Shore’ arrives at Bindrune/Eihwaz HQ. Otherwise, if you pre-ordered ‘The Quivering Lights’ only, it is on its way.

New Eihwaz Recordings flyers!

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A collusion of black metal and neo-classical … a collaboration between two great musicians … ‘The Quivering Lights’ is almost here!  For this Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings co-release, interest has been very high, so expect this first pressing to go quickly!
Limited to only 250 copies, so get your pre-order here now!
Shipping mid- to late-January.

“The Quivering Lights is an extended revery; it kindles the imagination and induces reflection, and it makes an emotional connection that’s deep and lasting.” – No Clean Singing


Unwilling Flesh CDs have arrived and will begin shipping tomorrow, Tuesday October 14th. Get yours here!

Unwilling Flesh Pre-Orders announced!!

We are pleased to offer Pre-orders for Unwilling Flesh – Between the Living and the Dead due out Sept 30th!
unwilling flesh cover_smaller2Pre-Order comes with a screen printed logo patch for free!

Carnage. Eucharist. Excretion. The sounds of these early ’90s Swedeath bands inspired multi-instrumentalist Andrew D’Cagna (Brimstone Coven, Obsequiae, Nechochwen, Infirmary) to mine his prodigious talents for the purpose of the ‘blatant, shameless’ Swedish Death Metal devotion of Unwilling Flesh.

Handling vocals and all instruments (with co-conspirator Aaron Carey, also of Nechochwen & Infimary, graciously providing skilled and memorable leadwork), D’Cagna has willfully allowed the rusted-chainsaw guitars and lacerated roars of an OSDM muse to guide his hand toward developing this heathen hallelujah meant to honor those once and always Full of Hell: Eihwaz Recordings next release, the debut of Unwilling Flesh, ‘Between the Living and the Dead’.

Friends, if you scoff at über-clean, ‘modern’ death metal, if you hold scorn at the homogenization of what once was, then the hearkening back of Unwilling Flesh is for you.



“But guitar tone and even riff mastery do not alone make for an album as fine and faithful as this one. D’Cagna has also written actual songs, with distinctive melodies of the kind that still make the songs on Slaughter of the Soul command such strong allegiance almost 20 years after its debut. They’re more ghoulish and morbid than they are pretty, that’s for sure, but they’re very effective at digging their hooks into your head and holding fast.” - No Clean Singing

“That patented Sunlight sound is out in full force here – the band buzzing and grinding their way through nine tracks of unadulterated old school worship that exhumes, re-animates and prostitutes the bile-soaked sounds of Eucharist, Desultory, Entombed and Unanimated to the fullest. They’re quite melodically inclined though, with numbers like “Fathoms Unfound” and “At One with the Earth” spliced with a batch of melodies that run the gamut from breezy (the former) to creepy (the latter).” - The Metal Observer

Go get it!


The idea for a Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings compilation has been in the thought process for a long time and finally now, thanks to bandcamp, we have the perfect medium to unleash this beast!

…And it’s FREE, or donate should you feel so generous.

Featuring an exclusive to this comp only track from Nechochwen, along with a very eclectic mix of old and newer songs that have yet to be released, we are damn proud of our rosters and are pleased to share this musical tome with all of you!

Other tracks from Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, Vex, Ahamkara, Unwilling Flesh, Infirmary, Coldfells, Waldgefluster, Seidr and Infera Bruo are also on display here and ready for your enjoyment.

So there you have it… stream all you like, or download for your MP3 device, the Bindrune/Eihwaz family is here and ready to welcome you to the fold…

Please share the news and enjoy!


When “a ghostly light, sometimes seen at night or twilight” heralds the rise of Dionysus – and his impending fall at the hands of Apollo – dark music can be heard by those that listen intently. The artists behind Greece’s Spectral Lore and Germany’s Nachtreich listened, and so inspired have collaborated on The Quivering Lights, an expansive, black metal/neo-classical piece of art that takes hold of the heart and directs its emotion with a potent combination of viola, piano, guitar, bass, drums and tormented vocals. An experience destined for the vinyl treatment, Bindrune/Eihwaz Recordings have teamed together to deliver The Quivering Lights as a 12” split LP in December 2014/January 2015. Turn down the lights, pour your favorite vintage, press play and allow this exemplary music – and the dead god of ritual madness and wine – possess you.

Pre-orders to be announced soon.