The very solid performance and focused songwriting skills of John Kerr shine through this album with influences ranging from the heavy melodicism of the 90′s Swedish death/black metal scene, not to mention Iron Maiden and others boiling to the surface of this powerful album.

I’m a pretty goofy dude and I feel like most of you understand that pretty well. I act this way in interviews and stuff too, because that’s a big part of who I am and I didn’t want to put on some mysterious grimdark facade like so many metal bands. No pretense, no bullshit. I wanted to present myself the same way I’d present to a new friend.
Having said that, this album is probably the most honest I’ve ever been. Its seeds began to take root before I was even legally an adult. It’s has gone through so many iterations, so many rewrites, that it’s grown along with me since I first wrote the chord progression to “Cultivating the Cosmic Tree” ten years ago.
A decade of growth, success, failure, joy, sorrow, and ultimate triumph (I’d like to think) are presented here in roughly 43 minutes of this goofy thing we love called Heavy Metal. I couldn’t be more proud of it. It’s everything I ever wanted my own record to be. So please, give it a listen and I sincerely hope you enjoy it or get something out of it. I don’t believe in souls, but if there’s anything close to them in this universe, mine is in this album.
Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Thank you to everyone I emailed a riff. Thank you to everyone that’s ever shared a beer with me.
Thank you all.
And as always,



Pestifere ‘Hope Misery Death’ CD now available for purchase here, with cassette version available here!
Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Their black/death metal and thrash stew is a tasty one, filling you out and sticking to your bones. And the fact that they fight a noble battle against the true evil forces of this country and world should be enough to want to toss a few bucks their way to get your hands on this record and make sure they forge well into the future.” – Meat Mead Metal

“…meditative Pestifere are not. Which is fitting, considering how urgent their lyrical bent is: The toll mankind takes on the environment weighs heavy on their minds. It’s common and easy for metal bands to admire natural splendor, but far less common for bands to put some lyrical skin in the game of preserving that nature.” – Invisible Oranges

“Primarily a black metal band, but also utilizing elements of death and thrash, these guys know how to take melodic BM to all the right places … If you like your black metal malevolent and aggressive, but also passionate and distinctive; Hope Misery Death is right up your alley.” – metaltrenches.com


On The Weight of Sunlight – as with the classic, unhyphenated heavy metal of the ‘80s – you will find an album carefully constructed without filler, wherein no riff feels unnecessary, heart always transcends bravado, and a common sense approach to songwriting triumphs over mindlessness. Though the styles appear disparate at first glance (melodic death/black metal alongside pure heavy metal), the melding of genres is seamless, and you’ll find yourself drawn in for this entire 43-minute ride. No overly long, too-tech missives here: just a compactness and directness both refreshing and necessary in today’s bloated metal universe.

Let The Weight of Sunlight fall upon you!

Eihwaz Recordings is proud to release The Weight of Sunlight, by Marsh Dweller, on CD August 15, 2016. Pre-orders available here!


Pestifere ‘Hope Misery Death’ Pre-orders are live!

As lives are led with no thought given to the decay surrounding us, many share in the fault of oligarchs for the ravaging of the Earth. But not everyone is silent – and for those, the raging sounds of Minneapolis, MN’s Pestifere are a fitting rallying cry. Astride black/death/thrash riffs riddled with force-fed melody, Pestifere confront mankind and its self-serving drive, which destroys the life-giving world we inhabit.

Releasing July 15th on cassette and CD formats, sound samples/ordering details follow at the below links!
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