No Clean Singing premiers “To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse)” from Agalloch’s tour-mates, Vex!
Listen here.

Vex’s upcoming album Sky Exile is the bands 3rd full-length album and debut for Eihwaz Recordings (A division of Bindrune).

Enjoy the depth and innovation of “To Anacreon (Strangling the Muse)” and if you reside in any of the cities listed below, be sure to catch Vex and Agalloch on tour (only two dates remain)!

6.27 – Raleigh, NC @ King’s Barcade
6.28 – Springfield, VA @ Empire.



InfAMCovers (640x480)
You’ve heard the streams. You’ve ready the opinions. Now it’s time to get your hands on a physical copy on one of the most intriguing collaborations of the year, Eihwaz Recordings’ second release, the Infirmary / Aetherium Mors split CD!
Joining together the death metal destruction of West Virginia’s Infirmary (featuring members of Nechochwen, Obsequiae, Brimstone Coven, End) and the malevolent yet still melodic death/black of Plymouth, UK’s Aetherium Mors (WarCrab, ex-Holodomor), this CD will satisfy with barbarity, technical aptitude and memorable songwriting as its hallmarks. Only $8, shipping now, get yours here!

“This is extremely accomplished work by a band who clearly know the roots of death metal damned well and are damned accomplished musicians to boot.” – No Clean Singing (streaming here)

“Both … provide the kind of call and response characterizations and compositional aesthetics that always elevate these kinds of collaborations from good to actually memorable and genuinely evocative.” – Steel for Brains (streaming here


Infirmary_AM_collage (800x725)Priced to move at $8, limited to 500 copies -reserve yours now!
Eihwaz Recordings’ second official release hits the streets on May 15th!

Here’s what’s being said:
“… gravel-throated death metal black enough to just singe the battering ram onslaught of its sound” – Steel for Brains (streaming here)

“The band’s flailing tremolo and blast-beat attack is counterbalanced by ominous, serpentine melodies … vocals are utterly caustic, blasphemous, and scathing, yet there is an undeniable sophistication in the songwriting and the instrumental performances” – No Clean Singing (streaming here)


Vex has landed an opening slot for Agalloch on all their Southern U.S. dates for Agalloch’s upcoming ‘Serpents In Culmination’ tour! If you are near any of these areas, come out and treat yourself to the best that melodic death and atmospheric black metal have to offer:

6.23 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree (w/Vex)
6.24 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl (w/Vex)
6.25 – Tampa, FL @ Orpheum (w/Vex)
6.26 – Savannah, GA @ Jinx (w/Vex, Blackrune)
6.27 – Raleigh, NC @ King’s Barcade (w/Vex)
6.28 – Springfield, VA @ Empire (w/Vex)

And if you haven’t picked it up yet,
grab the Vex ‘Memorious’ 2LP vinyl right here.
Supplies are limited!


From the wicked war-lands of West Virginia cometh Infirmary! The duo of guitarist/vocalist Aaron Carey (Nechochwen, Unwilling Flesh) and bassist/drummer Andrew D’Cagna (Nechochwen, Obsequiae, Brimstone Coven, Unwilling Flesh) have banded together to deliver unto you essential death metal influenced by bands as disparate as Sinister and the mighty Bolt Thrower, all fused together with finger-flaying leads and memorable songwriting. Having been on the Rytkonen radar since re-forming in 2010, Infirmary will wreck flesh and bone upon a CD split alongside Aetherium Mors, available May 15, 2014.

In celebration of this barbaric collaboration, Eihwaz Recordings is taking 20% off its inaugural release, Vex’s 2LP Memorious! Don’t miss your opportunity to hear the future of dark, melodic death metal now, as supplies are dwindling…

infirmary_W_LOGO (768x1024)



Eihwaz Recordings is proud to announce the signing of the United Kingdom’s blackened death metal destroyers, Aetherium Mors!

Originally forming eight years earlier, Plymouth, UK-based Aetherium Mors returned to the scene in 2012, self-releasing a CD of new and old material alike and performing live for the first time. As the band’s distinct sound began to take shape in the year that followed, the decision was made to create a darker death-slab in 2013, the stunning EP Entrails of the Soul. A killing combination of blackness, technicality, disharmony and melodicism oozed from the tapped veins of each track, turning the heads of the Eihwaz staff upon its discovery. Multi-instrumentalist Dan Couch and vocalist/lyricist Kane Nelson have taken lessons from their respective bestial black/thrash and sludge/death projects to create a slab of hell that’s polished yet terrifying and disturbing, a perfect match for the Eihwaz roster. Entrails of the Soul will appear as a split CD with Infirmary (filthy and technical death metal feat. Aaron Carey and Andrew D’Cagna of Nechochwen, more info on that project is forthcoming) in late March 2014. Pre-orders to be announced soon!

Blistering, frantic drumming, introduces guitars that fuse understated melody and overt dissonance all at once, with riffs that jump from low to high on the fretboard with determination, but shy away from boring the listener with tech-death wankery. Multi-instrumentalist Dan Couch’s skills are more Azagthoth than Yngwie, in the way that evil intention reigns supreme over convoluted composition (as it should with death metal) … This band has returned in 2013 re-energized, revitalized, and ready to conquer, and have proven that melodic death metal sounds can coexist with atonal, modern blackened death riffery and have a repeated-listen result.-Jim

Entrails CD Front

Vex – Memorious 2LP NOW AVAILABLE!!

1204132043Vex (US) – Memorious 2LP


**FREE Shipping in the U.S.!**

The wait is finally over!! The debut release from Eihwaz Recordings, the death metal sub-label of Bindrune Recordings is now available

This package is a 2LP black vinyl set containing an insert/lyric sheet housed in a heavy jacket (not gatefold) with a 5MM spine. The vinyl is cut at 45 RPM. Limited to 250 copies.

Memorious is utterly unique and bloated with atypical melodies/harmonies. The 2nd full-length from the Texas born Vex is an eye opener of an album with superior songwriting and a style so skillfully enveloped by the olden years of melodic death metal. Memorious first of all benefits from a super tight performance. Secondly, the riffs are downright inspired and colorized by what sound like effortlessly flowing melodies, but the way they are draped over the chord progressions, it feels so alive yet complex, like an easy moving river cutting through a dense woodland.

Originally released on CD by HPGD Productions, Eihwaz has given this excellent release the vinyl treatment for those of you out there addicted to the warm analog tones! The pressing is limited, so act fast!

PRE-ORDERS shipping on Thursday 12/05/13


10/20/13 update – Vex test pressings arrive!

imagesJust received the Vex – Memorious 2LP test pressings in the mail on Friday! Copies are heading out to the band for a quick approval and this will be in production! We can tell you, the remix and remaster of this material has given Memorious more depth and feeling than ever before. A truly stunning and unique slab of melodic death metal!

Pre-order your copy today as the pressing is likely a 1 time thing and limited to 250 copies!

Pre-order here:

No shipping fees in the US!!


Vex ‘Memorious’ 2LP teaser and Pre-Order Information!

Vex ‘Memorious’ 2LP teaser, featuring review quotes from Decibel, Metal Injection, Worm Gear Zine, Teeth of the Divine, Metal Maniacs, and more!

Vex Memorious 2LP Pre-order Available Now!

The wait is over.  The time has come.  Eihwaz Recordings’ inaugural release – the album that last year resurrected melodic death metal from it’s mouldy tomb, courtesy the efforts of five talented and determined Austin Texans – is finally available on vinyl!

Memorious de-iced the frozen earlobes of the Eihwaz staff to such a degree we felt that this album was pre-ordained to be our newly-minted label’s first entry into the war-torn battlefield of Death Metal.  When you hear for yourself the layered, intricate riffs of varying shades, the solid and original drumwork and sounds, the deft and energetic bass lines, and powerful, yet perfectly discernible vocals delivered now, for the first time, on wax – you will fall to your knees and placate that god of foresty heaviness, now stricken with decaying beauty.

Only 250 available, so order now, here:

The package is a 2LP black vinyl set containing an insert housed in a heavy jacket with a 5MM spine. .All pre-orders will receive a free Vex Logo DIY/Silkscreened patch!

Look for new material from Vex (and others TBA) in 2014, all brought to you by Eihwaz Recordings, and (of course) Thank you for your support!